Tzotzil and Tzeltal of Pantelhó

ETHNONYMS: Catarineros, Santa Catarina Pantelhó, Tzotzil and Tzeltal Maya


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User Contributions:

Ola! Sorry my Spanish is not good. Did anyone know Marie Odile Marion Singer? She was an anthropologist working in Mexico City at Arturo Monson's office with Instituto Nacional Indiganista when I was in Mexico in 1982. I never knew what happened to her. I see she died June 17, 1999. Was that during a big earthquake in Mexico? Does anyone know anything about her. I traveled with her from Tenosique to Metzabok and also met her again in Mexico City. She was very nice and sad to now find her name again, but that she is no longer with us, yet in the best of places. I also met her son in Mexico City too.

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